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    Chesapeake Home Educators has instituted an agreement concerning the conduct of students while involved in functions of CHE.   This agreement has been authored by one of our students to provide for a standard of conduct that is conducive to learning and enjoyable for all persons involved in CHE.  This has not been initiated due to any specific problems or any specific students, but to see that the current atmosphere of courtesy and orderliness is maintained.

    Parents or responsible adults will be responsible for the conduct of the children they bring to events planned by CHE.

    In the unlikely event of there being a problem involving a student at a CHE activity, the parent or responsible adult will be asked by a CHE chaperone to monitor and correct the students behavior.  If the problem persists the student may be asked to excuse him/herself from the activity.  If the student is a guest of a CHE family (i.e. the student is a non-member), the student will not be invited to any further CHE activities.  If the student is a member of CHE, the student will not be invited to further CHE activities until the Parents and if age appropriate, the student, meet with the CHE Executive Board.  At that time the Executive Board of CHE will make certain that all parties involved understand the expectations concerning conduct at CHE activities.

    The affected parents and student will then have the opportunity to explain the steps that have been taken to correct the problem.  The Executive Board shall then make the decision concerning the status of that student.

    Types of behavior considered not appropriate are running, rough-housing, loud talking during presentations, rudeness or other behavior that is disruptive during field trips or other outings.  Some types of behavior which will not be tolerated at all would include foul or lewd language, physical bullying or abuse, any type of drug or alcohol use, and defiance toward adults, chaperones, tourguides.

    This policy has been enacted to clarify expectations concerning conduct on outings, field trips and other functions of CHE.  Some of the goals of this policy are to ensure that an atmosphere that promotes education is maintained at all times, and to maintain an exemplary reputation with the community.  We do not wish to be placed in a position where we are not invited back to field trip locations because of the conduct of a few people.  We also wish to have members feel confident enough of the conduct of our group that they would be willing to arrange trips for our students through professional colleagues and contacts without fear of embarrassment.   Further, we wish to create an environment in which the students themselves can enjoy the outings, and to learn in an environment that is orderly and though-provoking.

    All parents should review expectations concerning conduct with their own children/ teens.  Further, they should explain these expectations to those non-member students they wish to invite to join them as CHE guests.  The purpose of this policy is certainly not to exclude anyone.  By reiterating the expectations we all hold it will almost certainly reduce the chance of this ever happening.

    It should be noted that one of our students authored this policy.   We feel that this provided a valuable insight into the students' viewpoint on this delicate issue.

            Francis J. Goulart, Jr.

            President, CHE


For those interested in joining, here's where you Accept the Code:

If you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct, PRINT IT OUT FOR YOUR RECORDS, type in your name, and Submit now.