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'Chesapeake Home Educators


Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 July 1999



From the PresidentY It is at this time of the year that I look back and begin to think about what has taken place during the past year. It does not seem all that long ago that the year was just beginning and we were planning the year, but when I think about all that has happened it seems forever. The year began with our first annual kickoff picnic. This was a good time for all. Over 100 people were in attendance for this event. The second kickoff picnic is already being planned. It is to take place on August 30 at Dunkirk Park. This year, we had several first year homeschooling families who joined us and made an immediate impact. The came on board and immediately rolled up their sleeves and went to work planning, and organizing trips and many other things. This year also had a really huge number of field trips. We used a huge number of Kennedy Center Tickets. We went on trips to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, Mount Vernon, The Baltimore Museum of Industry, and the Discovery Theater to name just a few. The younger students went to the Post Office, The Capital Children's Museum, and several other places. Some of the older students went oystering on an oyster boat, canoeing (twice) and many other hikes and trips. There was also a biology class that many of the older students attended. We also began Ice Skating once a month this year. This was something else which produced quite a bit of interest and seems likely to be continued. We held two presentation days this year. One was held during the holiday season and featured a play by several of the students, and the second was held in April and featured a musical entitled "Interplanetary Jammin". Both of the presentation days were very impressive with the students presenting musical talents, literary recitations, bible recitation and many other skills. Many displays were also presented for the visitors to view. This year also saw our first Science fair. We had 30 participants who did scientific research on everything from baby diapers to structural engineering. These kids really did a lot of work on these projects and all in attendance were impressed and very proud. The SMHSA had it's second Geography bee. There were 9 participants. Joey Goulart finally emerged as our representative after several exciting tiebreaker rounds. Joey then participated in the statewide written competition. The news arrived as coach Lynn Emerson was notified that Joey was to represent the SMHSA at the State Geography bee as a State Finalist! Our future for the Geography Bee is promising as there was a 4 way tie for our school championship, and any one of these or several of our other students would represent us very well. Some of our students are still really quite young, so stay tuned. The Geography bee practice sessions became quite popular, and the students did not want to quit! This prompted the creation of a geography club which was expanded to include the children younger than the geography bee participants. This year also saw Shane Salta become the Under 18 world champion rodeo cowboy. Shane also was instrumental in forming a chess club late in the year. The Black Knights chess club now meets in the afternoons on Wednesday and as of this writing is to continue through the summer. Contact Shane for details. This year we also participated in the Jason Project. Students did some scientific research and experiments and went to a telepresence during which they were taken live by way of satellite and the Internet to the rain forests of Peru. Questions from the students were put to the researchers and were answered live by the scientists in the field. This year we had a graduating class of 6 graduates. A graduation ceremony was held at the Grace Brethren church. This ceremony was beautiful, emotional, and very well attended indeed for only having 6 students. Near the end of the year, the annual field day was held. This, as always, was a time for socializing, food, games, and of course the inevitable water battle. This year also saw a re-organization. By-laws were drawn up for the first time. The Southern Maryland Home School Association was officially re-named the Chesapeake Home Educators. Many groups plan workshops, conferences and many other things that are huge high profile events for homeschooling parents. Our motto, though unstated seems to be "for the kids". As president, the only remark I can make is that when I look back at what you parents have done for this group of kids this year I am overwhelmed. As you can see, a tremendous amount of work went into all of this, and you all did it. And the kids are richer because of it. So have a great summer and get lots of rest, because unless I miss my guess, the planning folks at the Chesapeake Home Educators are already hard at work. Each year I think they have really done great things and I find it difficult to imagine how they could improve, and each year they amaze me with their energy and creativity coming up with new and better stuff for the kids. Buddy

CHE=s next Planning meeting will be Tuesday, August 3, 1999 at the Fairview Library.

11am on August 30th at Dunkirk Park Join the 2nd annual Kickoff Picnic on the first day of school for Anne Arundel and Calvert County!  Bring balls, gloves, etc. for a beginning-of- the-year good time! We will also use this picnic as a sign-up time for our groupC dues will be collected!  

If unable to attend (or if it is more convenient) you could mail your check to: CHE 464 Avon Ct. Friendship MD 20758.   RememberC no dues, no Sept. newsletter.  The new name & address listing will be printed in Sept., so sign up ASAP to be in it, and to get one!


Teen Group! Our teens have a group geared for them, with activities and field trips for the older students, age 12 and up. If you are interested in joining or visiting the teen group, call Joshua.


Logo Contest SAME GROUP, NEW NAME!!!! Kids put your creative thinking caps on! Parents be ready to discuss the Logo Contest at the August planning meeting.

Roller Skating Dunkirk Roller Rink Second and Fourth Mondays of the month Sept-June from 1-3 p.m. Price is $2.50 per skater plus tax. Rental is free, non-skaters are free, all homeschoolers are welcome.

Swimming Arundel Olympic Swim Center, Riva Rd., Annapolis. Third Friday of the month Oct-April at 12:30-2:30 (15 Oct =99; 19 Nov =99; 17 Dec =99; 21 Jan =00; 18 Feb =00; 17 Mar =00; and 21 Apr =00). Children (17 and under): $1.50 Adults: $3.50. Children under 2 are not admitted into the pool. Children over 2 must be toilet trained. If you don't swim, you don't have to pay, although they would like kids under 12 be accompanied by some adults. You may sit along the edge of the deck (with your shoes off) or up in the balcony area. There is an area outside the pool area where food is permitted. All homeschoolers welcome!

Ice Skating Bowie Ice Arena at Allen Pond Park Mitchellville Rd., Bowie First Monday of the month Oct-Apr at 12:30-2 (4 Oct >99; 1 Nov >99; 6 Dec >99; 3 Jan >00; 7 Feb >00; 6 Mar =00; and 3 Apr =00). Please note that the time is still tentative at this time. Pay $6 per person (skates included) at the door ~or~ get a CHE Discount Pass. The pass entitles the bearer to attend all 7 sessions for a discounted, prepaid price of $30. Passes go on sale August 1st. All homeschoolers are welcome.

Presentation Nights Tentative Schedule Friday, December 10, 1999 at 7 p.m. and Friday, April 28, 2000.

Geography Club/GeoBee Tuesdays starting September 14, 1999    The CHE Geography Club and GeoBee practice starts Tuesday, September 14, 1999. The club will tentatively meet Tuesdays from 2:30-4p.m. at the Northeast Community Center. Lydia has not gotten the final OK from the center since they have not completed their fall schedule. The teaching rotations will be completed shortly and distributed via e-mail.

Odyssey of the Mind CHE may be fielding OM teams this year! Watch for them!

Playgroup Anyone? Anyone interested in hosting a CHE playgroup? It=s easy, you provide the place and everyone else will bring you goodies to eat!  If you are interested in hosting a playgroup, send the information to the newsletter for publication.

JASON Project XI: Going to Extremes February 28-March 10, 2000.   The National Geographic Society invites students and teachers to join the JASON Project team of scientists, hundreds of thousands of students and teachers from the U.S., Mexico, Bermuda, and the U.K. for another exciting learning adventure.  The expedition to sea and space through he eyes of modern-day explorers will be led by Dr. Robert Ballard.  The JASON Project is a supplemental earth science, geography, and environmental education program.  JASON integrates it=s award-winning print curriculum, a highly interactive web site  ", video supplements, and live satellite and Internet broadcasts (one-hour live telecast at the National Geographic Society in D.C.) to engage and excite student in science, technology, and exploration.  JASON XI will compare the International Space Station and NOAA=s Aquarius Undersea Laboratory, two research platforms that enable humans to go beyond their physical limitations and explore the unknown.  Students and teachers will learn about the design, engineering and maintenance of Aquarius and the ISS, the extensive training required to venture underwater and into space, and the research conducted from these platforms.  Students will also examine the history and geography of exploration, and learn how important discoveries have shaped our perspective on the world (Great ideas for the Geography Club too!)

CHEM-- Band and Chorus Mondays starting September 13, 1999    CHEM (Chesapeake Home Educators' Music) has scheduled group music classes on Monday mornings, starting Sept. 13, 1999.  These group classes will meet in Tracey's home at.  Tracey is an experienced music instructor and homeschool parent. Classes and times are as follows: 9:15 to 10amCWind ensemble/band (experienced players). 10am to 10:45--Beginning Instrumental Group Lessons, 10:45 to 11:15am--Chorus. 11:15--11:45am--Recorder ensemble.   


Canoeing in Jug Bay By Shane:   April 16th was a great day for canoeing at Jug Bay.  The weather was great and the conditions were good.  I got up early in the morning and dressed for today I had a lot of fun and learning ahead at Jug Bay!  I quickly ate and grabbed my shoes.  I ran outside to the car where my Mom was waiting.  My Mom started the car and then we were off.    It was an exciting 15 minute ride to Jug Bay, for I was so excited it seemed like 2 minutes.  Once we got there I ran out of the car and ran to the Jug Bay Visitor's enter.  I got there and all the homeschoolers were there.  In them were a couple of my friends, Joey, Thomas, Elise, just to mention a few.  The guides took us outside to the shed where they had all the paddles and lifejackets.  There they gave us instructions; like safety rules, how to paddle a canoe, and then divided us into groups.  We then put our lifejackets and paddles in the back of the pickup truck.  The truck drove down to where we would canoe which was a mile away.  We were going to meet them there. Once we got there we put the canoes into the water and got on one at a time.  Then when we were all on we were off. We traveled down the river to a big creek that the Patuxent fed into.  We went down that creek until it got smaller and smaller and smaller until it was then a little creek.  So we stopped had lunch and then took off back up the creek.  On our way back up the creek we saw a football on the shore and other trash, and we got some of it.  When we reached the Patuxent again we continued our way down it.  We went down a little ways when we decided to go back. On our way back we had a race to see who could get there first.   We got there fourth.  Haley and her friend got there last.  When we got to the dock, we got out one at a time again and we pulled our canoes out.  We then locked up the canoes and headed back.  When we got back we waited until everyone got there and posed for some pictures that Mr. Goulart took.  On my way back to my house I was saying to myself over and over and over again, "I gotta do that again!".

CHE Announcements How Do I Join CHE?  In order to join the Chesapeake Home Educators (CHE) you need to fill out a form with your information (names of parents, address, phone, e-mail, kids names and birthdays, including non-homeschoolers, pay $20 yearly dues, sign our behavior policy, and promise to sign up for things only if you plan to come!  Membership cards will be given which help provide verification of your home educator status for discounts at many local stores including Zainy Brainy, Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores, BeBeep, and other educational storesY.  To receive a membership package and additional information, contact Bonnie Malinowski at 410-257-2465 or 464 Avon Ct. Friendship MD 20758. You can also join CHE at the Kick-Off Picnic in August (see Student Activities section on page 3). If you have not paid your dues you will not receive a September newsletter. The new name & address listing will be printed in September.

NEW--Beginning this year, non-CHE members will not be able to participate in our Science Fair, Presentation Day, Field Trips, etc.  This will enable us to keep our dues low and behavior controlled etc. Roller skating, ice skating, and swimming are open to ALL homeschoolers.


Planning Meetings CHE Planning Meetings are the first Tuesdays of every month (August through June) at 7pm in the Fairview Library. Babysitting is available unless stated otherwise.( e-mail Everyone is now required to have e-mail (just kidding ~B) but when you do get e-mail or if your address changes---notify Bonnie at once!!!  Contribute to the Newsletter!  Have you read an interesting book lately?  Did you hear about a great upcoming local event?  Do you have a >must see= web site that other homeschoolers might be interested in?  Did your child just write an incredible composition or sketch an illustration?  Have some schoolbooks for sale?  Have a comment?  If so, send it in and share!  NEW--Submit CHE newsletter info by the 10th of the month. By publishing the newsletter earlier (hopefully) in the month, we aim to get new CHE information out to members sooner to facilitate the next month=s planning. Please submit the information in writing, preferably by e-mail, to Lynn Emerson at ~or~ 5201 Cottonwood Drive, Lothian, MD 20711. *Note: If you have a photo or illustration you would like to submit, either scan it and send the image via the internet or send the original photo or illustration to Lynn for scanning.  Your originals will be returned.

Pizza Hut Book-It Program Earn Pizza Hut coupons for reading! For details contact Jeanette Waite at 410-535-9585

Still Looking for Great Books? Lisa Moorhouse is now an Authorized Independent Distributor for Dorling Kindersley Books. DK Books carries over 1,000 books, CD Roms and videos for babies to adults. Catalog prices are less than book store prices and there is no charge for shipping. Please call 410-867-4915 or E-Mail for a catalog, to order books or for information on how to earn free books by hosting a Book Look (see below). DK Book Look! August 5th 7p.m. at the Emerson Home 5201 Cottonwood Drive, Lothian Come and take a look at a large number of DK books and software. You can check out the books and software first hand. Lisa Moorhouse will be present to answer any questions and to give you price quotes (which are lower than retail bookstores). There are no shipping charges either! Contact Lynn if you need directions.

Receipts Anyone? Would anyone like to collect Safeway and/or Giant Receipts for CHE? Contact Bonnie (or Giant and Safeway) for details.

Book Clubs Anyone interested in books from the Carnival, Trumpet or Scholastic book clubs may contact Lydia Goulart. These book clubs have books from pre-k through grade 12. If interested Lydia can be reached at (410) 257-3119 or

Kennedy Center for 1999-2000 Call 202-416-8835 for a Brochure   If you are interested in attending school Performances at the Kennedy Center (usually at $3 per seat plus parking) for the 1999-2000 school year, please call (202) 416-8835 and ask to be placed on the mailing list.  If you got a brochure last year, you will automatically get one this year.  It is important that everyone gets their own brochure.  In past years, as soon as the circular has been published, some of the performances sell out almost immediately.  Because of this we don't always get to pick our dates and times.  We have to sign up as a group and pay for ALL performances when we sign up.  We must also have to have a minimum of 10 people sign up for each performance.  As soon as the circular is published we will hold the signups for our group as soon as possible thereafter.  On the day of signups it is important that all persons wishing to participate arrive with their forms and check filled out and ready to be submitted.  Payment is due in full at the time of sign up. When a date for the signup is known we will make it public through the phone chain, email and web site.   It is hoped that a date can be announced at or before the August planning meeting.   For clarifications callCBonnie at 410-257-2465 or Lydia at 410-257-3119.  Remember, GET A BROCHURE and soon as it arrives, decide which performances you are interested in attending.

Field Trip Help isY always greatly appreciated!  Assistance is needed to plan, call, etc. for events, trips. Many trips are already being planned for the younger grades.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association HSLDA--insurance for homeschoolers. $100 per year (discount are available) for a lawyer in case of trouble.   You must join BEFORE any trouble hits your home.

Churchville Umbrella School $50 per family.  An umbrella school to get out from the review of the County. For details contact Bonnie at 410-257-2465.