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Adopted October 6, 1998


Chesapeake Home Educators (CHE) is a group of homeschoolers (or those who are interested in homeschooling) who support the right of all parents to give their children an education outside of the public/private school system.

We come together to encourage and to help each other, and to offer a variety of recreational and enrichment activities for homeschooled children.

Our membership is made up of families who homeschool for a variety of reasons - educational, social, political, and religious - and in a variety of styles.    CHE does not promote one set of reasons for homeschooling or one style of education over another, and our membership is open to all.

That being said, CHE does acknowledge that a large percentage of homeschooling families, both nationally and locally, are Christian, and their decision to homeschool is based in part on their commitment to include their faith in all areas of their childrens' lives.

While CHE is not primarily religious in nature, we support the right of our members to express and/or discuss their faith during the course of CHE functions. In addition, CHE may occasionally sponsor a workshop or lecture that is specifically Christian, which individual members may or may not choose to attend.

As with all of CHE's activities, our goal is to be welcoming and inclusive, and to remember what we all have in common: the belief that when it comes to schooling, there's no place like home.        

Read our Code of Conduct, which is required to be signed and honored by all Members.